Welcome to Megs Blog


I am a cat that lives on Purdis Poppy Farm . . . mistress of my domain . . . queen of all I survey . . . which is not really very much from the sofa where I spend most of my time.

Here is a lovely picture of me taken by my friend Liza.

She was visiting recently and paid me a lot of attention – which is more than can be said for Liz and Lee who pay me very little attention.

Now I have my own blog, I have resolved to get off my backside and conduct exhaustive investigations of activities on Purdis Poppy Farm so that I can report on them. There may be things that Liz and Lee are being a bit coy about, but rest assured, I shall be tireless in the pursuit of truth and excitement! Nothing animal, vegetable, mineral or social, will escape me.

Today for example, I have had a fairly exhausting morning. After 3 or 4 hours asleep on the sofa, I drifted down to the Piggeries. There are no pigs in the Piggeries. There is some other stuff. It is a bit overgrown around the buildings and I really think that Liz or Lee should cut back the brambles so that (a) it looks neater and (b) people can get in and out of the buildings more easily. I don’t really care as I can slink through anyway. I am just thinking of others.

On the way back, I caught a mouse which was exciting. I chased it through the goat enclosure and caught it near to the house. This was quite convenient as I was able to leave it near the back door after having despatched it. I know that Liz and Lee like to keep tabs on my conquests.
After that, I had a little lay down for another 5 or 6 hours.