Sheep Fleece Mulch

Sheep fleece mulchLiz is in love with a website called An Oregon Cottage. It has a Tuesday Garden Party where people can link their blogs and share their gardening ideas and achievements. Liz was a bit dejected because she hadn’t got anything original, clever or funny to contribute.But now she thinks she has!

She has taken Jami’s newspaper mulching idea and romped away with it! She weeded the hedgerow, mulched it with *sheeps fleece* (crazy, but true) and goat poo! Layered it with newspaper (a la Jami) and put more compost and a soaker hose on top of that. I couldn’t believe it. I think she is a bit desperate.

Anyway as I mentioned in an earlier blog, photography is not Liz’s strong point, so I took a photo and said she could link my blog in. Just this once

Sheep Fleece Mulch


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