Staring at goats

I have been watching the goats recently. This has been made easier by the fact that Bugsy the belligerent Pygmy has left – he has gone back to Baylhams. Which means I can safely sneak into the goat house for a close inspection. Gideon, the gorgeous Golden Guernsey stud, has also gone. We loved him. He had curly horns which Lee cut a bit off because they were growing round into his head. Yowzer! The remaining four goats, all the girls, are definitely pregnant, in my humble feline opinion. Either that or they are getting seriously fat. Which is possible. I think Bugsy and Gideon ate more than their fair share of the muesli stuff they eat so now they are gone, maybe the girls are just making up for it. As I witnessed the births of Storm and May, I feel fully qualified in the midwifery (midgoatery?) department and will be on hand with boiling water and towels when the moment arrives. My guess is that they will all have twins and we will be overrun with 8 little goatlets! Me and Bob will be seriously outnumbered then! May has a poorly eye at the moment. I would attach a photo but it is not for the fainthearted. Liz got some iodine and eye drops from the vet so we all have our fingers and paws crossed that it will heal up nicely.