Pigs and Paint and Ponds

Pigs: People say that pigs are really intelligent but let’s look at the evidence.  I should say straight up that I’ve never met a pig.  However I think the following statements are true:

1. They don’t mind mud and poo (like chickens)

2. They eat pretty much anything (like chickens)

3. Chickens are renowned for being daft.

Ergo, pigs are daft?

Liz and Lee are vegetarians, or should I say pescatarians – oh yes, they do like their fish n’ chips!  Sometimes they pig down the whole lot (see what I did there) but sometimes they throw some scrappy bits of fish skin at me or the twins, Bib and Bob.

So that is all I have to say on the subject of pigs.  Let’s not eat them.  They are daft.

Paint: Paint has featured heavily at the farm recently . . . mainly at Bill and Anne’s annex.  Bill has turned into a digging dervish – there is just no stopping him!  He has even managed to straighten out Liz and Lee’s wobbly paths.  Even more weirdly he has managed to flatten them.  That’s strange.  From sprained ankle territory, it’s now like a bowling green.  I expect you think I have never seen a bowling green but actually I have.  I used to live at one.  So . . . stick that in your pipe.  Anyway, Liz and Lee made a deal – Bill you do the digging and we will paint the outside of the annex.  And so it came to pass.  Liz picked the colour “Harvest Brown” which is poo colour.  Anne came up for an inspection but didn’t help.  She reckons she can paint but we’ve yet to see any evidence of it.  I have noticed that whenever there is painting to be done, she hotfoots it to Woking.

Pond:  Just to complete my alliterative trilogy – if you don’t mind! – we are all keeping a close eye on the pond for exciting, slightly embarrassing, mating activity amongst frogs.  I am slightly concerned as I have seen chickens running around with frogs in their beaks.  Let’s hope they have left a few for survival of froggiest.


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