Pepper n’ Frizz

Hello!  We are PeIMAG0211pper and Frizz and we arrived at the farm a couple of weeks ago.  Here is our photo – that is me (Pepper) on the left.  I will be doing most of the typing.  Frizz (on the right) will help me out with those hard-to-reach letters like ‘p’ ‘o’ and ‘l’.  And of course those pesky apostrophes.

What’s happened to Meg? I hear you cry.  Well, you may have noticed that she was doing fewer and fewer blogs and, without wishing to be rude about cats in general and Meg in particular, the truth is that she was just too lazy to blog.

Our problem is that we are not free range guinea pigs.  We have some luxurious three storey hutches (there are three boys living downstairs but that is another story) and during the day we graze in the orchard inside a run.  But we can’t go off exploring like Meg.  Luckily she still does this and whilst she cannot be bothered to type it up, she is happy to pass on any gossip to us and let us post the blog.  In return we still have to call it ‘Meg’s Blog’ so she sort of shares the credit.

We were so happy to arrive at the farm.  We had been in a back garden hutch which was a bit boring.  It is so exciting here!  And the most exciting thing – we couldn’t believe it – our hutches are right next to a field of alpacas!  Yes!  Right here in Suffolk!  We often have a little pang for South America and we hum little pan pipe tunes as we go to sleep.  So you can imagine how gladdened our hearts were at the sight of the boys (as we later discovered them to be).  We like to think that they were pleased to see us too.  We have suggested to Liz and Lee that they re-name this part of the farm ‘Peruvian Corner’ – thank you Frizz – and they are thinking about it.  Maybe a nice welcoming sign would be in order?

Anyway, that’s all for now. And if you think we look a little pathetic in the photo, please bear in mind we had just had a slightly stressful journey in a cat carrier.  We are much less angst-ridden now.  Don’t feel sorry for us.  We have the life of Riley now, whoever he was.

We will try to blog regularly from now on and we will remind Liz to update the website with important events too!