Meg and the Twins


Breaking Bad has been consuming every spare minute here at Purdis Poppy Farm just recently and, as we don’t really have any spare minutes the Blog had to be cut. Sorry. But I’m back! Meow! Or Mee-yo as Jessie would say if he was a cat.

I confess that I should have blogged earlier to bring glad tidings of great joy – the goats finally gave birth after the excessively long pregnancies.

They gave birth in this order:
Meg had twin boys (Quest and Aniseed), Heidi had a boy (Yodel), Storm had a girl (Crystal) – all within 3 days. Then, three weeks later, Talullah had a nother boy (Chewy). Clever semanticists amongst you may think that you detect a Star Wars theme and indeed, Aniseed was meant to be Anakin, Yodel was meant to be Yoda, and Chewy is Chewy or Chewbacca. But Liz’s mum has never watched Star Wars and couldn’t remember the names so accidentally and amusingly re-named them. Not that we can tell them apart so it really doesn’t matter. And before you ask, Crystal is not a reference to crystal meth.  I expect Liz will put more baby goat pictures in the Gallery.  The funny thing is that they were the same size as me when they were born.  But now they are twice my size.  Huh.