We bought three pygmy goats from Baylham Rare Breed Farm in January 2012. Tallulah, Heidi and Bugsy. Two girls and a castrated boy, all less than one year old. Too young to be mated. But lo and behold, in April 2012, little Storm miraculously appeared (during a storm) and then in May, May struggled into the world.

Storm and May’s father was a Golden Guernsey. So this year, we have borrowed a full-blood Golden Guernsey, from Baylham’s again, to mate with the girls, in the hopes of producing some three quarter GGs, and bring Storm and May into milk. Although we have not seen much activity, if you know what I mean, we are reasonably sure the girls are pregnant, and this has been more or less confirmed by a vet.

We are hoping to milk them (sharing with the kids) and maybe even have a go at making cheese!

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