Welcome to Megs Blog

I am a cat that lives on Purdis Poppy Farm . . . mistress of my domain . . . queen of all I survey . . . which is not really very much from the sofa where I spend most of my time.

Here is a lovely picture of me taken by my friend Liza.

She was visiting recently and paid me a lot of attention – which is more than can be said for Liz and Lee who pay me very little attention.

Now I have my own blog, I have resolved to get off my backside and conduct exhaustive investigations of activities on Purdis Poppy Farm so that I can report on them. There may be things that Liz and Lee are being a bit coy about, but rest assured, I shall be tireless in the pursuit of truth and excitement! Nothing animal, vegetable, mineral or social, will escape me.

Today for example, I have had a fairly exhausting morning. After 3 or 4 hours asleep on the sofa, I drifted down to the Piggeries. There are no pigs in the Piggeries. There is some other stuff. It is a bit overgrown around the buildings and I really think that Liz or Lee should cut back the brambles so that (a) it looks neater and (b) people can get in and out of the buildings more easily. I don’t really care as I can slink through anyway. I am just thinking of others.

On the way back, I caught a mouse which was exciting. I chased it through the goat enclosure and caught it near to the house. This was quite convenient as I was able to leave it near the back door after having despatched it. I know that Liz and Lee like to keep tabs on my conquests.
After that, I had a little lay down for another 5 or 6 hours.

Pepper n’ Frizz

Hello!  We are PeIMAG0211pper and Frizz and we arrived at the farm a couple of weeks ago.  Here is our photo – that is me (Pepper) on the left.  I will be doing most of the typing.  Frizz (on the right) will help me out with those hard-to-reach letters like ‘p’ ‘o’ and ‘l’.  And of course those pesky apostrophes.

What’s happened to Meg? I hear you cry.  Well, you may have noticed that she was doing fewer and fewer blogs and, without wishing to be rude about cats in general and Meg in particular, the truth is that she was just too lazy to blog.

Our problem is that we are not free range guinea pigs.  We have some luxurious three storey hutches (there are three boys living downstairs but that is another story) and during the day we graze in the orchard inside a run.  But we can’t go off exploring like Meg.  Luckily she still does this and whilst she cannot be bothered to type it up, she is happy to pass on any gossip to us and let us post the blog.  In return we still have to call it ‘Meg’s Blog’ so she sort of shares the credit.

We were so happy to arrive at the farm.  We had been in a back garden hutch which was a bit boring.  It is so exciting here!  And the most exciting thing – we couldn’t believe it – our hutches are right next to a field of alpacas!  Yes!  Right here in Suffolk!  We often have a little pang for South America and we hum little pan pipe tunes as we go to sleep.  So you can imagine how gladdened our hearts were at the sight of the boys (as we later discovered them to be).  We like to think that they were pleased to see us too.  We have suggested to Liz and Lee that they re-name this part of the farm ‘Peruvian Corner’ – thank you Frizz – and they are thinking about it.  Maybe a nice welcoming sign would be in order?

Anyway, that’s all for now. And if you think we look a little pathetic in the photo, please bear in mind we had just had a slightly stressful journey in a cat carrier.  We are much less angst-ridden now.  Don’t feel sorry for us.  We have the life of Riley now, whoever he was.

We will try to blog regularly from now on and we will remind Liz to update the website with important events too!


11 sleeps to Christmas

Liz haPurdis Poppy Farms been doing the Christmas Fairs again, or should I say “Fayres”?  No.  I shouldn’t.  It’s silly and wrong.  She didn’t make anything like the amount of products as last year and she didn’t put the pretty little Xmas hats on the jam jars.  But she sold more stuff than last year; so much so in fact that she left herself a bit short for the Bucklesham County Primary Christmas Fair on Sunday.   It was all right though – she didn’t sell so much there and was able to bring home some of the Festive Cookies for Kitties (i.e. me, Bob and the chickens).   She was also able to fill the stall with some rather spiffing bird feeders, bird houses and bug hotels made by the farm helpers as well as some candles and candle holders.

She came home full of festive spirit and goodwill to all men, women and children but this may be due to the fact that she won three bottles of wine on the tombola!

I am particularly excited about Christmas this year as I think that, for the first time, I am going to get a present.  I have overheard Liz and Lee discussing that it would be nice for me and Bob to have cosy little baskets in front of the fire (we currently have to just lay around all over the floor – it’s awful).  I hope this means that Santa Claws (haha) will be paying us a visit.  I am saving a Festive Cookie for Rudolf, just in case!

Animal that most resembles its owner

“Animal that Most Resembles its Owner” – was a highly sought after prize at the recent Suffolk Smallholders Show – but it was a no-brainer really.  Who else looks like an alpaca?  And can prove it?

IMG_4666 Lee and Liz entered lots of classes, and even won a few prizes! There was no category for “Most Gorgeous Cat” otherwise that would have been a no-brainer too.  Me I mean, not skinny Bob.


Liz did take a nice photo of me recently for Oliver.  Keen blog followers will recall that I came here with Oliver, Lee’s son.  Recently, Oliver decided to move out and get his own pad.  Obviously he wanted me to go with him but, fond as I am of Ollie, I decided to stay at the farm.



The truth of the matter is that I know skinny Bob would miss me even though she would never admit it.  Plus Oliver might forget to feed me.  Here is the photo.  Gorgeous or what?



Liz has grown a ridiculous amount of pepper this year.  I mean cayenne chilli peppers to be precise.  I know it is nice adding a pinch of crushed chillis into almost anything but seriously.  There is enough here to last for five years.  I have made a mini-moggy suggestion that she crushes it and puts it into Bob’s food for a laugh!  Not really.  I have to share her bowl so that could backfire on me.  No, my suggestion is that she crushes it up and puts it into pretty little jars and gives it away or better still, sells it and buys fish or meat with the proceeds which she can then feed to me.

Maybe Jami at An Oregon Cottage has ideas of what to do with silly amounts of hot peppers . . .



Meg and the Twins


Breaking Bad has been consuming every spare minute here at Purdis Poppy Farm just recently and, as we don’t really have any spare minutes the Blog had to be cut. Sorry. But I’m back! Meow! Or Mee-yo as Jessie would say if he was a cat.

I confess that I should have blogged earlier to bring glad tidings of great joy – the goats finally gave birth after the excessively long pregnancies.

They gave birth in this order:
Meg had twin boys (Quest and Aniseed), Heidi had a boy (Yodel), Storm had a girl (Crystal) – all within 3 days. Then, three weeks later, Talullah had a nother boy (Chewy). Clever semanticists amongst you may think that you detect a Star Wars theme and indeed, Aniseed was meant to be Anakin, Yodel was meant to be Yoda, and Chewy is Chewy or Chewbacca. But Liz’s mum has never watched Star Wars and couldn’t remember the names so accidentally and amusingly re-named them. Not that we can tell them apart so it really doesn’t matter. And before you ask, Crystal is not a reference to crystal meth.  I expect Liz will put more baby goat pictures in the Gallery.  The funny thing is that they were the same size as me when they were born.  But now they are twice my size.  Huh.

Staring at goats

I have been watching the goats recently. This has been made easier by the fact that Bugsy the belligerent Pygmy has left – he has gone back to Baylhams. Which means I can safely sneak into the goat house for a close inspection. Gideon, the gorgeous Golden Guernsey stud, has also gone. We loved him. He had curly horns which Lee cut a bit off because they were growing round into his head. Yowzer! The remaining four goats, all the girls, are definitely pregnant, in my humble feline opinion. Either that or they are getting seriously fat. Which is possible. I think Bugsy and Gideon ate more than their fair share of the muesli stuff they eat so now they are gone, maybe the girls are just making up for it. As I witnessed the births of Storm and May, I feel fully qualified in the midwifery (midgoatery?) department and will be on hand with boiling water and towels when the moment arrives. My guess is that they will all have twins and we will be overrun with 8 little goatlets! Me and Bob will be seriously outnumbered then! May has a poorly eye at the moment. I would attach a photo but it is not for the fainthearted. Liz got some iodine and eye drops from the vet so we all have our fingers and paws crossed that it will heal up nicely.

Sheep Fleece Mulch

Sheep fleece mulchLiz is in love with a website called An Oregon Cottage. It has a Tuesday Garden Party where people can link their blogs and share their gardening ideas and achievements. Liz was a bit dejected because she hadn’t got anything original, clever or funny to contribute.But now she thinks she has!

She has taken Jami’s newspaper mulching idea and romped away with it! She weeded the hedgerow, mulched it with *sheeps fleece* (crazy, but true) and goat poo! Layered it with newspaper (a la Jami) and put more compost and a soaker hose on top of that. I couldn’t believe it. I think she is a bit desperate.

Anyway as I mentioned in an earlier blog, photography is not Liz’s strong point, so I took a photo and said she could link my blog in. Just this once

Sheep Fleece Mulch



I’ve been so naughty but, do you know what?  I really don’t care!  I’m a rebel!  Rebel without a claws!  Actually that’s not true, I have several claws but it was a pun asking to be made.  What did I do I hear you ask!  Well, Bill (Liz’s dad, who I’ve blogged about before) is building an extension to the annex.  I know, I know, he only finished the annex in January but he has boot room envy (we have a little boot room in the farmhouse) so they are building an extra room on the front of the annex.  Bill calls it a porch but I know what it’s really for.  Anne (Liz’s mum) is going to put a TV in there and when Bill wants to watch football (or anything else which Anne is not interested in), that’s where he’ll be watching it!  In the porch.  So he got the concrete pourers in again to fill in the foundation and when they had carefully smoothed it all out and gone away for the night . . . wait for it . . . I walked all over it!  It was brilliant.  I’m not a terribly heavy cat (I’ve been doing the 5:2 diet) so I was pretty impressed – some of my paw prints are over an inch deep.  That’s 2.5 cm.  Brilliant.  One of my favourite things about Bill is his love of concrete.  He is always laying it concrete plinths and paths around the farm, so I am looking forward to some more concrete stomping now I have discovered what fun it is.  Don’t tell Bob.


An exciting discovery at the farm – one of the chickens Lee bought in the summer turns out to be a cockerel!  And what a lovely bundle of chickenhood he is!  Liz and Lee never got a cockerel before as they said they didn’t need one and they are noisy (cockerels, not Liz and Lee).  Anyway Lee bought a trio of chickens at Campse Ashe auctions for £3.80 (brilliant).  Two of the died within a couple of weeks and the third one seemed a bit lonely.  The trio always kept together and did not mix with the main flock.  On its own, it was forced to mix in.  It looks like a Pekin to my trained eye, rather like the photos Liz has shown me of a Pekin bantam which she LOVED at Bolton Lane.  The remaining chicken of the trio got bigger and bigger and is as big as the main flock chickens now.  And (and this is the real giveaway) has started crowing!  At first it was a fairly hoarse attempt in the afternoon, but definitely a crow.  Now, he actually says “cock-a-doodle-doo”.  Outstanding!  And he does it all morning!  I feel like I am living in a children’s nursery book farmyard.  I am obviously the farm cat.  I say “meow” and catch rats.  Actually I don’t do that last bit but I do catch the odd common shrew much to Liz and Lee’s disgust.  They keep threatening to get some “proper” farm cats but I don’t think they will.  They have got other fish to fry.  I wish they did fry more fish.  I love fish.