Bill’s ‘magnum opus’ (as Uncle Chris referred to it) is complete!  Yes the annex is finished and Bill and Anne have moved in.  Have I mentioned Anne yet?  Well she is Liz’s mum and what a lovely little bundle of joy she is.  She is much nicer to cats than Bill is.  She is also much shorter than Bill.  There are some other differences but I don’t think I’ll go into them now.  They are both pretty pleased to have finally finished the annex.  So far one of the chickens has made it into the annex but I haven’t.  I am biding my time.  I like the look of it, but I think I will have to make sure Bill is not around and then I shall ingratiate myself with Anne.  I think things might work out quite nicely for me.  Two homes within 100 pitter patter paw prints of each other.  I could probably roll there if I tried. Did I mention I have put on a few pounds over winter?

I have only ever used the expression ‘magnum opus’ to refer to the greatest work of a writer, artist or composer, not a residential annex but I am prepared to defer to Uncle Chris on this matter as he is a Professor.  Also, my scant knowledge of Latin leads me to believe the words just mean ‘great work’ so why not apply it to a smallish building?  It certainly took them a long time to make!

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