Animal that most resembles its owner

“Animal that Most Resembles its Owner” – was a highly sought after prize at the recent Suffolk Smallholders Show – but it was a no-brainer really.  Who else looks like an alpaca?  And can prove it?

IMG_4666 Lee and Liz entered lots of classes, and even won a few prizes! There was no category for “Most Gorgeous Cat” otherwise that would have been a no-brainer too.  Me I mean, not skinny Bob.


Liz did take a nice photo of me recently for Oliver.  Keen blog followers will recall that I came here with Oliver, Lee’s son.  Recently, Oliver decided to move out and get his own pad.  Obviously he wanted me to go with him but, fond as I am of Ollie, I decided to stay at the farm.



The truth of the matter is that I know skinny Bob would miss me even though she would never admit it.  Plus Oliver might forget to feed me.  Here is the photo.  Gorgeous or what?