Access to Nature

I don’t have a fan club yet, but I have heard whispers . . . rumour has it that Bill’s coffee chums read my blog.  Oh yes, the great and good from the local-authority-coffee-and-almond-slice-loving-semi-retired professional network are tuning in to Meg’s Blog.  What an erudite audience. I am not fazed by this.  I may be an autodidact (stick that in your google) but I can hold my own with human graduates as well as cat rescue survivors.  More importantly, I hear that Speckly Beckly (as Liz likes to  call her behind her back) has tweeted me!  Whatever next?! I wonder if she did this to make me feel guilty about catching and killing wild birds?  Well if so, it worked.   I have made a new year’s resolution to never catch another wild bird.  Obviously it is a natural urge in me, but I was very embarrassed when Liz found two dead blue tits (for which I was responsible).  I realise that my behaviour was immature and pointless and I won’t do it again.

Oh gosh, I nearly forgot.  The main reason for this post was to include a photo, which was sent by one of Bill’s chums.  It makes Liz and Lee’s alpacas look almost normal.

Bib’s bum update: losing fur rapidly.  Liz and Lee are a bit overly fond of Bib at the moment despite her thinning fur.  Just because she is very sweet looking and has recently sat on their laps . . . twice. I am always free for lap-sitting!!

Poodle head

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