11 sleeps to Christmas

Liz haPurdis Poppy Farms been doing the Christmas Fairs again, or should I say “Fayres”?  No.  I shouldn’t.  It’s silly and wrong.  She didn’t make anything like the amount of products as last year and she didn’t put the pretty little Xmas hats on the jam jars.  But she sold more stuff than last year; so much so in fact that she left herself a bit short for the Bucklesham County Primary Christmas Fair on Sunday.   It was all right though – she didn’t sell so much there and was able to bring home some of the Festive Cookies for Kitties (i.e. me, Bob and the chickens).   She was also able to fill the stall with some rather spiffing bird feeders, bird houses and bug hotels made by the farm helpers as well as some candles and candle holders.

She came home full of festive spirit and goodwill to all men, women and children but this may be due to the fact that she won three bottles of wine on the tombola!

I am particularly excited about Christmas this year as I think that, for the first time, I am going to get a present.  I have overheard Liz and Lee discussing that it would be nice for me and Bob to have cosy little baskets in front of the fire (we currently have to just lay around all over the floor – it’s awful).  I hope this means that Santa Claws (haha) will be paying us a visit.  I am saving a Festive Cookie for Rudolf, just in case!